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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Friendship - Miss Nicole

Today I went to visit my friend Nicole. She is one of my very best friends. She's witty, funny, sweet and caring.

I've known Nicole for about 11 years and our days working together in Superdrug and nights out are forever shared, funny memories. In the past 11 years we've moved on to new jobs, moved houses, got married, had babies and made new friends ... and all with the other one not to far away.

I know I can talk to her about anything, tell her everything without shame or judgement. I know time can pass without us seeing each other and we'll simply pick up where we left off.

We can laugh and cry and know each others faults. I think we could talk forever!

I was honoured to be her bridesmaid when she got married last summer and look forward to what the next 11 years hold for us both.

I watched her today with her 3 year old son and newborn baby girl and she makes it look easy. She's a natural mummy and looked relaxed and happy.

We get to choose our friends and I'm so happy to choose Nicole and even happier that she's picked me :)

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