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Friday, 11 November 2011

Be real ...

Don't you just hate patronising people? I really try my best never to patronise anyone and certainly would never do it intentionally. I'm sure most of the time it's not done with intention but it still really gets my goat!

So, I'm gonna have a moan and set some things straight ... rather the laptop gets a lashing than the next person who is just being 'well-meaning'.

I don't drive. Big deal. I could if I really wanted to, and I'm sure one day I will. I've had a million lessons but just lose focus and never book a test. Months pass and then the cycle begins again; lessons galore but never book a test. I'm just not that bothered. So, I rush around like a lunatic, I catch busses, walk almost everywhere, even with bags and a pushchair and I'm still not bothered enough yet to take a driving test. Don't feel sorry for me. If and when I want to I'll just do it. And I'm sure then, I'll be like all the drivers out there and wonder how the hell I ever 'coped' without a car. But I'm not ill - I just don't drive. Poor me having to walk or jump on a bus - get over it, it's no big deal!

I have one child. I'm so bored of people assuming I have one child because of Blaine's early arrival. Of course, this has added another element to family planning but I can have children and if I longed for another baby I would have one. I might have to have various checks along the way but lots of women are monitored through pregnancy. The fact is I'm just not broody. We never planned to have another baby. I love Blaine to pieces, he is my life, and I'm content with our family as it is. We have talked lots of times about more children and it has been difficult to not let Blaine's early start cloud our decisions but when we put that aside we can honestly say we wouldn't have had any more children. Shock, horror! Don't feel sorry for me. I have one child due to choice not circumstance.

My husband can be an arse. Yep, it's true. but so can most men. Relationships are hard work. But they are so worth it. When you love someone you take them warts and all and love them unconditionally. I'm no mug and would never be unhappy but when I say my husband can be an arse I mean simply just that - we row, we make mistakes but we laugh, cry, share and are great friends. I know him and he knows me. We support each other and work well. Anyone who makes out they don't squabble and have ups and downs is either deluded or lying. The occasional whinge is normal! Don't feel sorry for me. I'm married to a fab man and we're still growing together.

And I could go on ...

The point is you should be able to be open and honest with people and just talk and be who you are, not be patronised or made to feel inferior ...

I've got an amazing son, lovely husband, great friends, nice home, funny cat and a brilliant job.

P*ss of patronising people!