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Friday, 26 August 2011

Cherish every moment

I heard some truly awful news today. The loss of a life is always so terrible, shocking and sad ... and it makes you think.

Life is so precious and too short. We're really only here for a short length of time and can never really know when it will be taken from us. I know for a fact I take so many things, and people, for granted. Not intentionally but I do. If we're honest we probably all do.

When Blaine was first born he was staying in a hospital about half an hour away from home. That drive every morning seemed so much longer. I would stare from the car window and notice people just walking the dog or popping into a shop for a paper. I so wished I was not in that car, on that journey, and was just nipping out for a paper. I longed for the mundane, the normal, the usual. I would say in my head 'Please let my baby be ok. Please let us get home and have the mundane. I promise I'll never, ever moan or complain about the small things again. I promise I won't take anything for granted.' But, of course, life does slip back to normal and I do moan.

News like today's makes me remember. Don't take anything for granted. It's not that I forget, life just takes over and I am so grateful it does. That's what I begged for. So, when I walk to the shops with my little boy, when I watch him playing in the park, even when I peg out a row of his jim jams I smile a little smile to myself.

Life is precious. Let's make the most of every minute we have together.

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