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Thursday, 25 August 2011

All in it's own sweet time ...

When you're in your late teens, and even early twenties, thirty seems forever away. It seems like you have ages. There are certain things that I had in mind that I wanted to have done by the time I was thirty:

1. Be married
2. Be a mum
3. Qualify as a teacher
4. Passed my driving test

Now, I was in no rush for these things to happen and would never force them, but I wanted them to be in place. I reckon a lot of girls do, a Bridget Jones type thing.

I always knew I didn't want children until I was heading towards thirty. To me, that seemed right: not too young and not too old. So when I had Blaine at 29 it was perfect timing for me.

I had married at 26. Perhaps sounds young these days but not for us. I was lucky. When you've found the right person you just know and it was the perfect wedding; we loved every minute of it.

I ditched my admin job at the court to embark on teacher training a year later. I already had a degree and wanted to teach but had just got stuck working so I took the plunge. So glad I did; I love my job.

So, the driving test. Hmmm. It just didn't happen. Maybe down to me. Maybe down to circumstance. But I have never even taken a test. I have had a serious amount of driving lessons - one lot when I was 17 and another lot only last year. Technically I have learned to drive. I just don't have the piece of paper.

I'm now 32 (and a bit). But hey, I heard forty is now the new thirty ;)


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