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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Chips and Chat ...

Blaine and I fancied a naughty treat for lunch so off to the chippy we went on his trike. Blaine loves his trike and we go out and about with it most days. He also loves the chip shop and was very excited! While we waited for our chips Blaine was pottering about exploring the shop and I chatted with the lady behind the counter.

'How old is he?' she asked.
Not an uncommon question for any parent I'm sure but we get it a lot as Blaine is still fairly petite for his age but as loud and boisterous and inquisitive as any boy his age.
'Almost three' I reply, waiting for the usual 'oh, isn't he small' or somthing similar. Only, it didn't come.
'My grand daughter is almost 4 and she's probably about his size ...' I listen.
'She's really petite and she'll start school soon ...she was only a little dot when she was born though - she was a tiny little thing, she was only 4lb something, so she's always been small ...'

Of course, I thought I could add in now that Blaine was 1lb 10oz, 16 weeks early etc. etc. but it just didn't seem neccessary. It was clear she wasn't really looking for advice or reassurance; she just wanted to tell me about her grand daughter. So that's just what I let her do.

All at once the chips were wrapped up, we said bye, and we were off down the road on the trike again.

It felt good to just be the listener for once :) And the chips were delicious :) 

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