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Monday, 17 October 2011

We've been busy ...

I've neglected this blog for a few weeks, not intentionally; I'm not bored of it yet! It's just that I started back at work in September and so things have been super busy!

I went back to work a year after Blaine was born but only for a couple of hours a week, more to keep my job going rather than for money, and Blaine was looked after by family. Since then I have done varied part time hours and Blaine has always been in the care of my husband or a family member.

This September is the first time that I have gone to work and Blaine has gone to nursery. I have been really lucky that he is able to come to the nursery that is on the site where I am working. He travels in with me, I drop him in 10 minutes before I start and can pick him up minutes after I finish - it's been great!

It wasn't planned; I was actually planning on taking this term off and starting Blaine in a nursery in January when his nursery vouchers kick in but this job came up for a couple of months and it's been an ideal trial for both me and Blaine. I was so unsure at first; Blaine's never been left in a nursery setting before - we've always gone to the 'stay and play' groups but, of course, I'm always there with him!

And how has Blaine taken to it? Well, as usual he's taken it all in his stride. He hasn't complained or made a fuss once. He has gone straight in and adapted to everything that is asked of him. I couldn't me more proud.

The nice thing is, I can go over in my lunch break and spy through the glass in the door - I have stood looking through the glass and seen a wonderful little boy sitting around a table with other kids, apron on, just-made cardboard crown on, tucking in to his packed lunch. I stood there staring ... took me to a moment of being right back stood staring into the incubator ... this is the same little baby, my amazing, brilliant little boy!

As for me, I don't mind telling you I'm tired. Juggling mum, wife, housekeeper and everything else life has to offer is sure keeping me busy but I'm gonna take inspiration from my little man ... and take it all in my stride:)

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