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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Happy wedding anniversary to us!

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. Six years since our wonderful wedding day. We went out last night to celebrate and had a lovely meal, a few drinkies and danced into the early hours. It was so nice to have some time together for just us.

I was never the sort of little girl who dreamed of her wedding day or making a home and babies but as soon as I met Mark something just clicked. It wasn't about being cool or having to impress, we just hit it off straight away and felt instantly comfortable and relaxed. We are great friends and enjoy each others company. In lots of ways we're very different and then we also have so much in common.

I wouldn't have been happy just being Mark's girlfriend. I wanted to marry him and he felt the same. I think it's definitely helped us through the rough times too - it makes our bond stronger and gives the relationship importance. I believe in marriage, I think it's important to make that commitment, to take the vows and to stick by them.

The fact we were able to have a brilliant wedding day celebrating and partying with all our family and friends was an added bonus. It was a magical day from begin to end.

Here's looking forward to another six years, and another after that, and another after that ...

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