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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mum's the word!

The saying 'no one has ever written a book...' is rubbish. There are tons of pregnancy, parenting and baby books and during my pregnancy I would sit and flick through these books and magazines. Once Blaine was born these books went out the window, quite literally.

Blaine has been delayed in reaching almost all of his developmental milestones. We are told these milestones are just 'guidelines' but most parents and professionals take them seriously none the less. We all want our babies to progress and thrive and will them to 'tick off' the next thing.

When Blaine was about 8 months old we started going to a baby singing group. Blaine was still about the size of 0-3 month old, was a babe in arms, wasn't sitting. I answered endless questions week after week. I sat back and watched as babies started coming from a couple of months old and within another couple of months had bypassed Blaine. Every parent gets asked the usual: is he sitting yet? Is he walking? Is he talking? People just have expectations. We found it difficult finding our place in the group because my story was so different and Blaine was falling behind on the blasted milestones.

We kept going every week and moved on to the next group. We don't get so many questions now. Blaine is 'catching up' and the 'gap' isn't as noticible. In fact he is overtaking some.

Back in the NICU days I remember a nurse giving us our own 'guidelines'- sit at one, walk at two and talk at three. Blaine has pretty much been on track.

Blaine will be 3 end of this month and only this week he has started calling me mum. I'm chuffed. And I mean not just saying mum but calling me mum. Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum!

Needless to say I am over the moon!


  1. Never read your blog before, but just had to comment as this is such a lovely post, I really felt your pride coming through. You must be so proud of your little boy.


  2. I've recently found your blog and it is lovely to read someone further down the line! Blaine is as cute as a button and you sound so proud :)
    My scamp was just over 12 weeks early and is nearly 18 months. She did the prem thing and sat at one and now we are the ones at baby groups that are recipient of "Is she walking? No? HOW old did you say she was?" and watch all the younger babies start crawling then cruising then walking...funny, you know it will come it can just feel forever!

    I am SO looking forward to hearing "mum". Just started on "mmmmm" babbling noises which is good enough for now!